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iKotoba (Medical input method)

34.57 usd

"iKotoba" is a Japanese conversion keyboard (Japanese input method) app that integrates a 240,000-word medical dictionary containing terms frequently used in areas such as general medicine, pharmacology, dentistry, anatomy, examination, nursing, and surgery. It enables smooth input of medical terms and pharmaceutical product names, and it is possible to utilize it in medical and healthcare fields.Previously, while effective conversion methods and dictionaries existed on the PC, dictionaries were lacking on tablets and smartphones. When entering difficult medical terms, it took multiple tries to correctly convert them, or they did not appear as an entry at all, and it was not at the level where medical professionals could use them reliably.
Therefore, ikotoba was designed for stress-free input of complex medical conditions, pharmaceutical product names, and ingredient names even in clinical settings where accurate entries are crucial. The integrated medical dictionary is "Medical Dictionary" by OFFICE21 Corporation, whose PC version is well-regarded among medical dictionaries.
The use of this app in conjunction with other medical apps that have been released brings tablets and smartphones to a level where they may be utilized as specialized medical instruments in clinical settings.
[Product feature bullets]• general medical terminology, pharmaceutical, dental, anatomy, testing, care, recorded the terminology of 240,000 words that are frequently used in such surgery• background communication is not that the input content because it does not go at all is transmitted to an external server, etc.• Medical dictionary has adopted OFFICE21 Co. proven a "Medical Dictionary" series• ICD10 basic disease name, recording as much as possible the common name of the drug, a brand name. Abbreviations, terms related to the person's name notation written in full English.• In equipped with the latest natural language analysis engine smooth and realize a nimble conversion.